After checking off everything is was time to start soldering. I would recommend an ESD safe soldering iron with a nice fine tip. Open up the Completed Image and the Assembly PDF from GGLABS for reference.  The recommended build order is as follows :

1: R1    2: U1-4 sockets    3: M1-8 sockets    4: RP1, RP2    5: C1, C2, C3, C5    6: C7, C8    7: J1/2

When soldering the sockets it’s a good idea to solder 1 pin in each corner to hold them in place then fill in the others.

The capacitors are straight forward, just be careful with C7 and C8,  the solder pads on these capacitors are close together.  Just make sure you don’t accidentally short them when soldering,  test with a multimeter if you are not sure. After soldering all the through hole components you can snip off the legs with side cutters

Now that everything is soldered up and you have inspected & tested the board for any potential shorts, it’s time to start installing the IC’s and ram.

All done and ready to install into my IIgs.

Here is a size comparison, the smaller RAMGS fits nicely in the IIgs and looks great installed

Success! - All installed and my IIgs now has 4MB of RAM

All in all this is a great kit,  it’s easy enough for beginners to have a go and still lots of fun if you are an electronics and soldering Guru!  What better way to show your IIgs some love than to build it a 4MB RAMGS Kit.  Well done GGLABS. Thank you for a wonderful product.  I highly recommend if you have done any soldering yourself or even if you have a friend that could help you to go with the Kit version,  there is something to be said for the satisfaction of building it yourself.  That said, GGLABS does offer prebuilt versions as well, so either way you’re covered.