I’m not exactly sure how this idea started,  but it was something to with paddles, paddle games and looking for a decent pong game for the Apple II.

Well I looked but I couldn’t find, the best I could do was Penny Arcade which is an Applesoft hi-res sort of pong with various modified playing tables, but I was after a raw pong experience and thats when ][ PONG was born.

So after I had decided there were no decent pong games I started setting out some criteria for my ][ PONG.

  1. -To be written in Integer Basic so as to run on an original II

  2. -Good use of colour with lo-res graphics

  3. -Sound and simple music support

  4. -2 Player with basic scoring - first to 7 sort of thing.

So this is where the Open Source part comes in. I have a start,  but this start has stagnated for a while now,  so I am opening it up to the community to see if the combined force of the internet can take my idea from a skeleton to a fully working game.

As at the 19th of March 2015 the following has been implemented:

  1. -Game Splash Screen - Random colour chosen on startup (seems to always pick brown on virtual II but is random on real hardware

  2. -Individual paddle colour selection for each player

  3. -Paddle movement

  4. -Attempted ball movement (runs slowly)

  5. -Music routine written for intro and end game jingle

Yet to do:

  1. -Proper ball movement

  2. -Scoring system

  3. -Ball sounds when hitting paddles

  4. -Paddle lock in sound

  5. -Improve code for maximum speed

Other Ideas:

  1. -Credit Screen

  2. -Single Player mode

  3. -Player Name entry

The project is now open to you and your ideas, feel free to download the source code on the right, modify it for the better and you can submit changes or ideas by emailing them to pong@appleiioz.com. Worthy changes will make it into each official release until hopefully one day we can get a fully working game.