Step 2: Take apart the Power supply, it has a lid of sorts held down by 4 screws, 2 normal screws on one side and 2 countersunk screws on the other.

Step 3: Remove the lid - NOTE the power supply contains HIGH VOLTAGE - make sure it is unplugged before working on it.  Even unplugged, the capacitors on the power supply can store a charge for some time.

This will reveal the Power supply, no need to take it out of the enclosure, what you are looking for is the wire jumper highlighted below

Remove the wire with some side cutters, you could desolder it but I don’t really see the point, side cutters do the job and I don’t plan to put it back to 110v

That’s it - nice and easy, The fuse and Capacitors on my 2 power supplies were already rated for 240V so they should be on yours as well but have a quick look then reassemble and test. For the first test plug the power supply in to the mains but not your IIgs (make sure you have the power supply cover reassembled in case something goes wrong). It would also be a good idea at this stage to measure the DC outputs with a multimeter (5v, 12v, -5v & -12v) if all those check out plug it into your IIgs and enjoy.